Friday, April 28, 2017


There will never be another Bob Hannah. It couldn’t happen in this day and age.

A totally unknown rider couldn’t just creep out of the Mojave Desert one day, show up at his first local race, be running in the top five in the Nationals within a year and a 125cc National Champion a year after that.

Things like that just don’t happen anymore. In a period from 1974 through 1976, a working class teenager, named Bob Hannah, came out of nowhere to stun the American motocross community.

He would continue to do so, for well over a decade. So unique and demonically determined to succeed was Hannah, that he literally redefined motocross. By the time all was said and done, Bob Hannah had over 70 career wins, 3 Supercross Championships, 3 AMA National Championships, a Trans-AMA Championship (Hannah was the first rider to take on the Europeans and beat them), 2 250cc USGPs and a Motocross Des Nations title. Although Bob Hannah has been out of racing for nearly 20 years, he is still cited by many as the greatest American motocrosser to ever live.

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