Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Suzuki Motocross Story


The World Motocross Championship season began in England where the big four-strokes were firing their last shots at supremacy against a tide of incoming two-stroke machines; spearheaded by the Czechoslovakian CZ and Swedish Husqvarna motorcycles with their lower weight and increasing reliability.

When the series moved to Scandinavia, Suzuki made their first-ever international appearance at the Hedemora circuit in Sweden, bringing along two machines. Japanese champion Kazuo Kubio as rider along with export manager Mansuri Hishi and Isle of Man TT road-racer Seuchi Suzuki to assist.

The Swedish bike magazines made some very interesting comments at the time: "Suzuki will come back, they have not made a prototype for nothing! Count on the fact that the Japanese will be back with more riders and more bikes! The Japanese will make the competition harder!" ... Read more


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