Friday, October 1, 2010

Chuck Sun's 1979 Husqvarna 430


Via the Fabulous website :

Featured here is Chuck Sun's 1979 Husqvarna owned by Sven Åke Engstrom.
Sven Åke worked at Husqvarna for many years in the R&D Department. He was kind enough to share these photos of Chuck's GP bike.

Chuck Sun had two bikes at his disposal which were built specially for him to be used in the GP races in 1979 and this is one of those bikes. Chuck rode on these bikes until the summer when he went back to US.

The crank cases were originally manufactured in a magnisium alloy but those cracked.

During his stay in US he got an injury which made him unable to finish the GP season. He also broke his hand in Lommel early that spring and struggled getting well during the preseason so he had a tough year 1979.

The engine number 430-1

Frame number HMUL 430-1. HMUL stands for "Husqvarna Motorcyklar Utvecklings
Laboratoriet. In english "Husqvarna Motorcycles Developement Laboratory"


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