Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moto-art at Halifax boutique


By CMG Staff, via :

You wouldn't normally expect to find art representing vintage motorcycle competitions in a fancy boutique, but Love, Me isn't your normal boutique.

The store on Birmingham Street in Halifax carries Canadian handmade, small-run, independent products for wearing, living and giving, according to their website.

More importantly, right now and until the end of October, they're featuring a display of art by Anna Stowe, a multidisciplinary artist and designer who seems to have taken a fancy to vintage motocross and other forms of the manly art.

Her show, Miles of Bliss, celebrates "the jumps, bumps, mud, rocks and dust of early motorcycle trials and scrambles," and is a mixture of mixed media paintings and inked line drawings.

If you love motorcycles and art, or even just shopping in fancy all-Canadian boutiques, get yer ass down there right now. If your ass can't get there, check out for some inspiration.


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