Monday, September 6, 2010

The Motorcycle Cannonball Route


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This is the route for this year’s Motorcycle Cannonball. In working on this route, we have tried to fulfill several criteria:

A coast-to-coast route across the United States. We start on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, in Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of aviation. Our finish, after about 3300 miles on the road, is on the Pacific Ocean beach in Santa Monica, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Approximately a two-week schedule. We start on a Friday in Kitty Hawk, and finish in Santa Monica two weeks later on a Sunday. The route is 17 days total, 16 days on the road, and one rest day in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The day off is the Friday a week after the start, a weekday when shops are open. The two days before the start in Kitty Hawk we will have registration, vehicle inspection, an optional practice run along the outer banks of Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a short classroom session, and a hosted welcome reception.

Most days 250 miles or shorter. Our goal was for all days to be at most 250 miles, but in the West there just aren’t enough cities at appropriate locations with sufficient hotel/motel rooms for a group our size. Only two days are longer (300 and 280 miles), and they are both after the rest day, on roads that are fairly flat and straight (across the great plains of Oklahoma and Texas).

Also on the 300-mile day, we gain an hour as we cross a time-zone boundary. The typical schedule for a 250-mile day for the single-speed class, assuming the vehicles maintain 35 MPH on straight flat roads, will be an 8:00 AM start and 5:00 PM finish, for a total of 9 hours on the road. This schedule includes a 45-minute lunch break and three 15-minute refueling/rest breaks. Motorcycles in the faster classes will spend less time on the road... Read more


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