Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catalina Grand Prix registration delayed until September 7


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Feets Minert winning the Catalina Grand Prix in 1956.

When word was first announced that the famous Catalina Grand Prix would return after a 52-year absence from the motorcycle racing schedule, most of the SoCal racing community was excited and skeptical. They were excited because back in the 1950’s Catalina was the premiere motorcycle race on the West Coast. They were skeptical because Catalina is a nature conservancy. The Catalina GP was a big deal. Held on the famous island (26 miles across the seas, Santa Catalina is a'waiting for me), a victory in the 100-mile race was a major prize for a motorcycle manufacturer. In fact, after Chuck “Feets” Minert won in 1956, BSA built and sold a copy of his race winning bike—the BSA Catalina Scrambler.

Feets Minert is now 79 years old. Here is Feets with a BSA Catalina Scrambler.

Everyone hopes that this famous race can be held, but it does look like an uphill battle, as the following article from the Avalon Bay News points out. Applications for the race have been delayed until September 7, 2010. For any updated news go to www.thecatalinagrandprix.com


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