Monday, August 23, 2010

Festival of Jurby


By: John Gregory via :

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts and families are expected to descend on Jurby Airfield this Sunday (August 29) for the Festival of Jurby.
Last year marked the inaugural festival which attracted more than 8,000 visitors and featured vintage motorcycles and other vehicles as well as attractions for all the family. It was the biggest single spectator attraction of the year.
This year the organisers are predicting in excess of 10,000 people attending the festival and have completely revamped the event to cope with the huge numbers.

It has been organised by the Isle of Man Vintage Motorcycle Club.
Secretary of the club Tony East said: "We were completely overwhelmed by the number of people last year."We thought we might attract a couple of thousand visitors if we were lucky, but we totally under-estimated how popular the event would be."
The events committee of the VMCC Isle of Man came up with the idea of holding a gathering similar to the well established VMCC Festival of 1,000 Bikes held annually at Mallory Park.

Tony added: "We were well organised and we had lots of exhibitors and an enthusiastic group of people at VMCC who worked hard and who believed in the festival, but the number of people who arrived was just amazing... Read more


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