Monday, March 14, 2016


Since he was a kid, Nigel Petrie had a fearless love for taking on speeds most of us wouldn’t even dream of. Over time, his infatuation with fast cars and bikes has only grown. The guy can build, convert, or restore anything he puts his hands on.
His latest project sees the conversion of a standard, road worthy 350cc KTM motorbike into something he hoped would break the land speed record for it’s engine type at the 25th Annual Speed Week on the salt flats of South Australia. With some ideas in mind, and a few reference images of a 1972 Triumph vintage dragster, Nigel built the new bike in just a month leading up to the event.

FLATS is a documentary by Matthew J Cox following the build, the journey from southern Victoria across to South Australia, and then Nigel’s attempt to break the long standing Land Speed record.

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