Thursday, April 2, 2015


Artist Christopher Myott captures Walt Siegl's air cooled Ducatis in beautiful paintings that clearly display his passion for both. Read in his own words how this cool project came together:

"For several years my passions for motorcycles and visual art have collided. This work attempts to capture the beauty of vintage and handmade motorcycles in a way that's accessible to everyone. I want the paintings to stand alone as design even if you're not a motorcycle enthusiast but also pay tribute to the source of my inspiration . Researching these machines I perpetually landed on the work of Walt Siegl. Known world wide for his Leggero series, an aesthetic masterpiece built around a 2 valve, air-cooled Ducati engine built 15 minutes down the road from my studio in Harrisville NH! Walt's motorcycles have an undeniable and universal beauty."

See and read more on Christopher's blog.

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