Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Few nicknames command as much respect or carry as much stature as “The Man.” Simple. Understated yet authoritative. It is only earned through dominance and omnipresence. Roger De Coster has earned this nickname with his sheer supremacy and innovation in the sport of Motocross. The Belgian has etched his name into Motocross history with an illustrious career that continues today. Throughout the Seventies, Roger racked up an unheard of five 500CC Motocross World Championships. He saw the most success (and achieved all of his 500CC titles) aboard a Suzuki, taking home his first title in 1971 on an RN370. This bike is Roger’s actual RN370 that he rode to victory in 1975, number 4 of his 5 world 500CC titles. He still owns the bike today. This is a Suzuki Factory prepped race bike and exhibits state of the art technology of that time. Many parts and elements of this bike would not see production for years to come.

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