Monday, November 28, 2011

1986 Honda RC250 Ricky Johnson


Via the always excellent :

Before the production rule went into effect. The gap between Honda’s works bikes and Honda’s production bikes was far greater than any of the other manufacturers. Towards the mid-eighties, the cost for each works Honda was over $200,000.00 per bike. The cost of racing professional AMA motocross in the U.S. was getting out of control and Honda was on a runaway freight train. Although some of the works technology was passed down to the production bikes, most of the secrets on the Honda works bikes remained secrets.

In 1986 when the production rule went into effect, most observers thought the playing field would be even. In reality Honda became even more dominant and up and coming Ricky Johnson went from being a star to a superstar. At the start of the season, each rider received two bikes for the entire season, plus an endless supply of parts. The bike featured here, is the second 250 that Ricky used in 1986. The first bike was destroyed.

At the end of 1986 Honda decided to expand their success to Europe and teamed up with Honda factory rider Eric Geboers from Belgium. They were going to make their first attempt at the 250 World Championship... Read more 


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