Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1965 CZ Twin Port


In the annals of motocross, the CZ Twin Port stands out as an early exotic race bike. The 250cc (as well as the 360cc) elevated the sport to new heights with a hint of how new exotic metals could transform the machinery.

Using magnesium in many of the CZ's components (primarily the drum brake hubs and engine cases) brought the 250cc bike's weight down to a claimed 214 pounds.

The bike had an exceptionally simple yet stunning aura, set off by the peanut tank - with the legendary CZ insignia - and the low slung expansion chambers (no rules yet about excessive decibels meant these machines could run without silencers).

However, what really intrigued was the single cylinder 2-stroke engine's use of a twin exhaust port. Twin chrome header pipes exited the air-cooled cylinder and split the frame's front downtube, the pipes running underneath the bike to exit on either side of the swingarm.


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