Friday, February 25, 2011

How A '62 El Camino Might Have Looked


By Jerry Slattery
Photography by Jerry Slattery

Depending on how well you know the GM product line, back in the '60s, Chevrolet stopped producing El Caminos from 1961-63. El Caminos started again in 1964. This '62 Chevy originally was a two-door Biscayne sedan. However, some unknown builder did a terrific job bringing the big back window forward and forming the B-pillar angle over the door to meet the original sheetmetal that surrounded the back window.

 The top angle and rear-door angle look very close to a '71 El Camino door profile. The seamless tailgate is also another nice feature on this Biscayne/El Camino. If GM had built a '62 El Camino, it would probably have looked very close to this fine custom example.

For the current owner and trucker, John Davis of Forest Grove, Oregon, this was one cool car he couldn't live without. John likes cars and trucks that are well-built and unique, and this one really rattled his chimes. John thought it was tastefully done, remarkably straight, and looked like it could have been on the Chevy showroom floor.

 One of the first things he did was add new matching gray and black tweed upholstery and matching carpet to the bed, and he added a rear-facing bench seat so friends could ride while cruising the fairgrounds during car shows. A black vinyl tonneau snaps over the pickup bed for town and freeway driving... Read more


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