Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group


L'Association Canadienne de Motos Anciennes

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a non profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

The idea of forming a group started in the autumn of 1968, when a motorcyclist named Peter Gagan mailed an invitation to fellow vintage enthusiasts to attend a meeting on November 4 at his home in Port Credit, Ont. A dozen guests arrived and agreed that it would be a good idea to continue getting together to share their interest in old bikes. At a second, larger gathering three months later, those present decided to organize a club dedicated to the use and preservation of old motorcycles.

 They began a series of monthly meetings and soon settled on the name Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, proposed by Eric Dawson as having fewer negative connotations than "motorcycle club." From the 13 who attended the first meeting, the group now has more than 1,700 members across Canada. Members today own more than 7,000 motorcycles covering 200 different makes.

The early years of the Group saw several events being organized at venues such as the Ontario Science Centre and Mosport, culminating in the organizing of the first of the highly regarded Annual Rally at the Welland MCC Grounds in 1973. It was that same year that the Group stopped “passing the crash helmet” around and established an annual fee of $5.00 for members. By 1979, the Group was registered as a non-profit organization and the basis of the current constitution was fully developed... Read more


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