Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Journey around the Globe


The Route

The reason we will circle The Earth going eastwards is that thereby we will slow Earth’s rotation – a bit – with the power of our motorcycles. This again slows down our personal ageing process in that the days then will be longer and we get to use them better.

At night when the bikes are parked the effect is not in effect, but this matters little, as by then we are asleep. The only major problem will arise when we cross the Bering Strait and the dateline, and we lose a full day.

As usual the point of departure is Toten, Norway, and presumably this will be on April 1st 2009. Those who know us may doubt our ability to stick to such a deadline, but there’s like totally no reason for this kind of doubt.

The route has been chosen based on where bad roads can be found, where there’s some nice to be seen and where traveling is suitably dangerous... Read more


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