Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1969 Kawasaki F21M.


1969 Kawasaki F21M. Owned and restored with original or NOS parts by Tom Wheeler.

The Kawasaki F21M "Green Streak" is a 238cc, 2-stroke off-road motorcycle which was manufactured by Kawasaki from 1968 to 1970.

The F21M was Kawasaki's first lime green bike. It started the lime green tradition at Kawasaki that continues with Team Green. The F21M was advertised as the "Greenstreak 238" Scrambler. It was marketed mainly as a Tourist Trophy (TT), Scrambles and Flat Track motorcycle. Almost all the 238's sold by us were used as trail or hare & hound bikes.

Specifications: 238cc, 2-stroke 1-cylinder, Rotary Disc Valve, Claimed Output: 30hp, weighs a very light 215 lbs.

"We were green when green wasn't cool!"

Jim Lewis's G31m with down pipe. The best set-up we found. No other 100cc could match the bike or Jim. Tom won 1 race at Abbott when Jim was out of town, barely holding off Glen Hurt and Larry White on Hodakas Super Rat.

Jim Lewis again on our much modified F-7 125cc - you can just make out the black cast iron cylinder. There was much talk this bike was not 125cc, but it was.

Wagon Hill Scramble Track 1969 or 1970.

Jim Lewis in action on the 1971 Kawasaki G-31m Centurion - 100 Green Streak


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