Friday, December 10, 2010

Suzuki RH-125 Factory Replica Vintage MX


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Here it is, the latest, Dave Miller Concepts project made out of junk, dug out of a hole in Idaho. Originally got it for Marty Tripes series, 100cc, "Works Revenge" Vintage Race Series, that was going to be certain year/models. We were going to go have some fun with some old factory guys, race motocross on old stuff, not clear 80-foot triples, and drink beers after and laugh about it.

Unfortunately, Marty, who has three or four bikes, couldn't make the old junk air-cooled shit live, and had to keep going to later bikes, and later bikes, and then even later bikes, so I had a fleet of 74s and had to get rid of all of those. Now they're talking about using your fuel-injected 450YZ, pull the hoses off of it and sleeve it to 100 is legal, so it just didn't sound like fun anymore.


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