Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hot Rod Revival


Bob Cannon shares his photos and memories...
"I drove the '32 all through college but finally had to sell it because of the cost of traffic tickets I was getting. Back then there was no sharing of citation information between cities, so if you got your 3rd one in Pasadena, you didn't race anymore in Pasadena, and so on until you ran out of towns. But there were lots of places to street race in every nearby town.."

New England Nostalgia
Nostalgic photos from around New England, including Orange and Sanford Airports and CT Dragway.

'The Way It Really Was'
An incredible collection of Nostalgic Bonneville, Drag Racing, Dry Lakes and California Hot Rodding photos. Just a small sampling of the never before seen footage, photos, interviews and sounds on The Dreams of Legends' new DVD 'The Way it Really Was'.

Hartford Autorama 50's - early 60's
The 1950's were a time when hot rodding was in it's prime. These pictures show the true hot rods of the era. Cars that were cut down, hopped-up and all hand made using any innovations that were available to make them go fast. Thank You to Ron San Giovanni for allowing HRR the use of these Photos... and much more at :


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