Friday, November 19, 2010

Old-School Joules on an Electric Enfield


The Volta 102 is not your typical motorcycle. But James Hammarhead is not your typical motorcycle builder.

Hammarhead is a clinical neuropsychologist and expert in fMRI paradigm design. When he isn’t doing research at University of Pennsylvania, you’ll find him riding or wrenching on an old-school motorcycle. He’s got a thing for British bikes and usually has a project in the works.

That passion for vintage iron led him to launch Hammarhead Industries, a boutique builder creating retro British bikes with a twist.

And, in one case, a cord.

The Volta 102 that Hammarhead built in just three months is one in a growing field of electric street bikes but the first to go retro.

The old-school aesthetic follows Hammarhead Industries’ mission statement, which comes down to “keep it simple, stupid.” Hammarhead isn’t interested in fuel injection or ABS or carbon fiber components. His love affair with minimalism was cemented riding a Royal Enfield through India. The bike was elemental and irresistable.

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