Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marty Smith Photo by David Bradley


Via : The Mot'Art Journal

Hello and greeting from Richmond, Virginia USA,

I don't much like to talk about myself, but will write way too much and you can edit to please. I am 51 years old now and have been an artist my entire life. Not knowing how an artist was to make a living, I attended college to study communication arts and have been graphic designer since.

My American Father married my German Mother and because of this and his work, we spent more than half of my early years living in Germany. Like many Europeans, a love of cars and motorbikes developed early. Working before and after school at a liquor store, I purchased my first motorbike the minute it was legal to ride at fourteen.

A continuous line of motorcycles has followed. Also during this time (the seventies) I befriended an older neighbor who wrenched for a Formula Ford race team. Soon I was traveling to racetracks all over Europe. Some were small airfields, but sometimes we were in the pits at big races including Formula One.

These were great and happy times! One year while at the Austrian Grand Prix, I did a lap around the track at three in the morning on my little 50cc Honda. Two security guards met me upon my return to our pit area with wagging fingers, but nothing else. I don't believe one could get away with that today!

Dad bought me a camera and I still enjoy photography. The attached photos were shot with that old Pentax SLR during the Grand Prix of Germany 125cc World Championship.

I was excited as an American named Marty Smith was to race. Marty had won the US Championship the two years prior. Despite a bad start and track conditions completely different than US motorcross, Marty finished a respectable third against Europe's best riders. I also shot some grainy Super8mm movies of this race.

All the best, David Bradley


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