Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Way It really was


via : www.hotrodrevival.com

An incredible collection of Nostalgic Bonneville, Drag Racing, Dry Lakes and California Hot Rodding photos. Just a small sampling of the never before seen footage, photos, interviews and sounds on The Dreams of Legends' new DVD 'The Way it Really Was'.

The Movie that you've been waiting for is here. The Dreams of Legends presents:

'The Way It REALLY Was'

65 years in the making, from Ed Winfield to Al Teague, Tony Waters, Don Garlits, Nolan White, Ed Iskenderian, Billy Frontuto, Vic Colvin, the Markley Bros., John Edmunds, Hayden Proffitt, Charlie Hamilton, Rick White, Mike Cook, Ed Winfield, Mickey Thompson, Gene Winfield, Don Long, Freddie Lobello, Russ Eyers, Rich Richards, Gary Richards, Joaquin Arnett & the Bean Bandits ...

... the San Diego Roadster Club, Julio Hernandez, Nick Arias, Stormin' Norman Weekly, Bob Herda, Harry Hoffman, the Smokers, Ernie Murashige & the M&V Speed Shop, Gray Baskerville, Paul Hornung and many, many more stories that you never even knew existed, until now!


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  1. I think I saw on Shinya Kimura blog that he is LSR racing under the San Diego Roadster Club