Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leif Persson 's 500 KTM


In 1978 Leif Persson began his work at the Husqvarna Factory in the R&D Department.
He was part of the design team for the Husqvarna 390 and 420 Automatics as well as
the Husqvarna 430 and 488.

He became the Swedish 500cc Champion in 1980 riding a Husqvarna 420 that had been modified for him at the Husqvarna Development Department.

This 1988 KTM 500 was Leif's last factory ride. The inner motor cases on this bike are sand cast, the cylinder ported and the suspension has been re-worked to Leif's
specifications. He placed 17th in the 500cc World Championships. Eric Geboers won
the Championship that year aboard a factory Honda.


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