Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1978 Harley Davidson 250MX


via : www.vintageworksbikes.com

Featured here is a 1978 Harley Davidson 250MX. In the early to mid 1970's,
Harley Davidson began development on a competitive motocross bike with the
hopes of entering the lucrative dirtbike market. The early "works" bikes went
through a lot of changes.

Marty Tripes and Rex Staten were the most recognizable pros to campaign these bikes at a professional level. Tight budgets and a lack of commitment on behalf of Harley Davidson doomed their chances of a successful off road program.

The 1978 Harley Davidson 250MX was the only production model produced and
was greeted with great deal of scepticism by the American Consumer. Very few
were manufactured and they were never produced again.

This bike is for the most part unrestored. There has been some minor paint
touch up to make it more presentable. The original "Harley Davidson" fenders
came with the bike but were faded. They have been stored away until a decent
process exist to restore them.



  1. great stuff. i'm using that tank on my bike. took me 3 months to find a cap for it.

  2. Hi

    I have a later cagiva 1980 wmx 250 that I believe has same engine.
    I am looking for a piston and ring can u help!!