Monday, May 31, 2010

Vintage motocross Photographer


I just want to invite you today to take a look at this vintage picture gallery from : Don. Don is an amateur photographer living in Falls Church, VA, near Washington DC. His photographic interests include taking pics of his 3 kids, low-light/night photography and portraits. His taste runs to artsy rather than clinical. He prefers moody to stark.
He uses a Canon Digital Rebel XTi(400D) DSLR with an Opteka grip. His lenses include:
17-85mm Canon IS (primary walk-about lens)
50mm Canon 1.8 prime
60mm Canon Macro
75-300mm Canon telephoto (man this thing needs a lot of light!)

He wants to upgrade the 75-300 someday, as well as get a macro lens...

AHRMA/ACR combined event at Budds Creek, MD. Vintage Motocross at its finest.


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