Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ace Motocross


Modena, New York


Did you know that ACE MOTOCROSS is the oldest track in the Metropolitan Sports Committee? Its history goes back to the 1940's when the current location was an oiled flat track run by the EXCALIBUR Motorcycle Club.
Ace Motocross is located in Modena, New York.. Ace Motocross, Inc. is a non profit, club run track.

1976 (From Left) Rocky Cassone & (Ace Prez) John Barton

This picture was sent in by the Behrens family. Pictured is "Grandpa Behrens"on an oiled "flat track" at ACE in 1974. He is taking the win on a 175 Penton in this picture.

Don MacShane raced the MSC from the late 1950s till 1969 when he moved overseas (he was 46 at the time).He was #199 AM and then 319 EXP.Running a limited Scrambles sched (he loved Trials and Enduros too) He was always near the top of the points. (Ran out of House of Triumph with Whitey Loud and Fennell). Don passed away in May of 2005.


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