Thursday, April 8, 2010

Simply Deus


Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company. While focussing on the design and construction of custom motorcycles, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s which has recently been revived by groups of young enthusiasts in Japan, America and Australia.
The company is based in a 1600sq meter renovated factory building in Camperdown Sydney, the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Home to the showroom, workshop facilities and design studio. Connected to the showroom is the Deus Bakery Cafe, where locals of the inner west rub elbows at communal tables with riders gassing up on caffeine before their Saturday excursions. While the sale of motorcycles and parts is at the core of the business - from Yamaha SR400s and TW220s to Kawasaki W650s as well as a selection of signifigant classic bikes, visitors to the Deus showroom will find hand built fixed gear track bicycles and a range of Deus brand clothing and luggage as well as a range of items which feature timeless design and reflect the Deus culture.

Classic bike accessories and books are on sale, while objects such as hi-fi systems, cars (the Deus company work horse is a replica D-type Jaguar), and prints and paintings by artists such as Robert Williams, Robert Moore and Japanese artist, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, are on display.Deus is the result of a group of passionate and dedicated Australian motorcycle enthusiasts, united in their belief that modern motorcycling has been hijacked by marketing forces and their desire to introduce a new generation of rider to that same pure enthusiasm that kick-started their own love of motorcycling.


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