Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brand New 1975 Nortons


by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider"

We all know what a barn find usually looks like, some rusty hulk stuck in the back corner of some out building comes to light, the original pieces intact but usually in very poor condition. This "barn find" is a bit different. The owner of Motoshop Podevyn in Aalst, Belgium passed away and the contents of the shop are going up for auction. It turns out it's quite a collection, among the discoveries are 11 1975 Nortons, brand new, unassembled, still in their original crates, that's about as original and unmolested as you can get.

Along with the Nortons, there's a Matchless still in the crate, too, plus lots of other bikes and parts. As the fellow got a bit older, you might think he would have gradually wanted to sell these off or at least make sure they went to owners of his choice, but whatever the case, these are going to be an interesting purchase for the future owners who can assemble them and put those first miles on them, something I would encourage them to do. Interesting.

Here are the other 10 Nortons, still in their original, unopened packing crates.


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