Friday, January 8, 2010

Harley Davidson Sportster Off Road Conversions


via the Kneeslider, by Paul Crowe

When Doug wrote the other day about what Harley might develop to attract some younger riders, he thought a few Sportster based model variations would be a good place to start. In one of the comments, Todd pointed to some off road machines with Sportster power, sort of a "Dual-Sportster," probably not what most of us were thinking, but, do they look like fun? You betcha. Sometimes the best ideas are a little outside the box.

There's also this Baja Harley built a few years ago by Jim Stanton. Using a custom frame and YZ 400 forks, some pieces from an ATK and a Sportster V-Twin. It certainly looks the part and reports from Jim say it's a keeper.


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