Thursday, December 31, 2009

The CP Project One


via : the Southsiders

For a couple years we have wanted to design a bike. It all started when we came back from the Legend of Motorcycles in June 2008, where we met a good part of the best motorcycle builders and enthusiasts.
As english motorcycles fans, we decided to use a featherbed frame and a triumph 750 engine. Of course with a beginning like this, our only direction was to build a Triton. But we didn’t want to make the thousandth caferacer or the thousandth triton. We wanted to make something more personal, a bike that matched better with our backgrounds and interests. That’s why we decided to do our best to forget all the british standards for these kinds of bikes and follow our own road.

When we started designing, we quickly discovered what the final bike should be; a mix of Batman’s motorcycle with a T.rex fastback and a general feeling of Catwoman’s curves.In other words, a blend of all that we love from the Comics culture.


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  1. est'ce que Alpine Stars peut faire un cuir pour aller avec_vu que y'a rien chez C_merci Alpine