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The Willy Neutkens Collection


The Willy Neutkens Collection
Important BMW Motorcycles
To be sold at auction by Bonhams GmbH

Lot No: 2
1975 BMW 898cc R90S
Frame no. 4081920
Engine no. 4081920
With the introduction of the '/6' range in 1973, BMW joined the superbike league with a pair of 900cc flat-twins. The touring version was typed 'R90/6' and the gorgeous new sportster 'R90S'. With its twin front disc brakes, racing-style seat, megaphone-shaped silencers and cockpit fairing, the R90S looked like no BMW before it, and the air-brushed 'smoke' custom finish to tank, seat and fairing meant that no two examples left the factory exactly alike. With 67bhp on tap, the R90S was good for a maximum speed of more than 125mph. True, there were a handful of rivals that were faster, but none of them could match the BMW's capacity for sustained high-speed cruising. 'When it comes to comfort and capability for travelling at maximum speed with minimum fatigue, the R90S is second to none,' reckoned Bike magazine's tester back in 1975, going on to conclude: 'The truth is that many bikes do one thing superbly, but the BMW is the only bike I know that does everything very well.' This particular example of BMW's landmark first superbike displays a total of only 2,194 kilometres on the odometer. Sold new in Belgium, the machine comes with its original comes with its detached original VIN plate and Certificat de Conformite, and is offered with Belgian registration papers (issued May 1988).

Lot No: 50
1936 BMW 745cc R17
Frame no. To be advised
Engine no. 2382
Having broken fresh ground with the launch of the pressed-steel framed R11 in 1930, BMW followed that up with the introduction of an hydraulically-damped telescopic front fork on the R12 and R17 models, which were also notable as the first BMWs to have a four-speed gearbox. First seen at the Berlin Motor Show in February 1935, the newcomers were otherwise virtually unchanged from their R11 and R16 predecessors apart from a strengthened crankshaft. The sporting, twin-carburettor, overhead-valve R17 produced 33bhp at 5,000rpm and would be BMW's most powerful production roadster until the introduction of the R68 in 1952. It was priced at 2,040 Reichsmarks, making the R17 the most expensive German motorcycle of its day. Only 436 were produced between 1935 and 1937 and today this rare and exclusive model is one of the most sought after of pre-war BMW motorcycles. Purchased by Willy Neutkens approximately 20 years ago, this R17 is equipped with a Veigel-D-R-P 'Walzentacho' set into the headlamp and a rare Bosch mag-dyno with Bakelite distributor cap.

Saturday 28th November 2009, 2.30pm
BMW Museum, Am Olympiapark 2,
80809 Munich

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