Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jeff Leighton’s Unit Custom


Via Four Aces Cycle

Jeff Leighton’s Unit Custom. Jeff came to the shop wanting a unit construction hardtailed bike and left with a great bike and a part-time job. Jeff did what is probably the best thing you can do when talking to your bike builder. He told me, “I like clubman handle bars and low pipes.” I was to do the rest of the thinking and the building. I remembered doing the “Slimbo” bike several years back at the height of the wide-tired chopper era. I did Slimbo as a protest against all that is fat. I took the general idea of that bike and made something almost as slim, but with some more personality.

Jeff is heavily tattooed and he has several choice spiderwebs so we went with a spiderweb theme on this tank, fender and oil bag. Rick grindle painted the bike and laid down some really cool webs after Jeff’s tattoo artist drew them out on the tank. Rick also hand lettered the “Triumph” logo in yellow to match the black and yellow California license plate we had painted up for the bike. I used Jeff’s exhaust pipes as my prototype, soon to be Biltwell produced, exhaust tips on this bike. The result is a slim, trim sleek bike with lots of personality. Check the pipe extensions out at

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