Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brand X

The whole day went incredibly well.
It was amazing. The best cafe racer went to Osamu Koyama and his Yamaha SR500 loaded with one-off and Japan-only parts. He's a jewelry designer and member of the Kaminari, a NY bosozoku-style biker gang of ex-pat Japanese artists and musicians. You can see Osa's work here :
The event had over 3000 artists, bikers, hipsters, designers Real Estate Magnates, Investment Bankers, etc.
Taka's performance was an amazing old-style "happening" with Free Jazz, Japanese Noise Rock, splatter-painting, power tools and a chorus of vintage 2-stroke and 4-stroke racers facing off across the layed-out canvas that covered the street.
Here is a few pics Grant took during the event.

Osamu on his white and red Yamaha SR500

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