Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beck Northeaster flying jacket


via The lostworldsinc

Beck Northeaster flying togs motorcycle jacket.

Northeaster flying togs were made in Everett, Mass. By Leathertogs for Beck in NYC.
Excellent heavyweight horsehide, built like a tank, with a classic D-pocket; The epitome of the classic postwar no-nonsense motorcycle jacket.

Horsehide was the leather of choice for motorcycle jackets and military A-2 flight jackets during the 1930's, 40's & 50's, due to its extreme durability and the abundance of horses being used for agriculture and farming. Horsehide will age and wear differently than Cowhide, Steerhide and other leathers. The natural creases and patina finish developed over time creates a sense of style not found in other leathers.

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