Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Any Sunday

On Any Sunday is a 1971 American documentary feature about motorcycle sport, directed by Bruce Brown. It was nominated for a 1972 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.
This documentary follows the lives of motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts.
Steve McQueen is featured in the film, along with Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith and many other motorcycle racers from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

On Any Sunday is often credited as the best and/or most important motorcycle documentary ever made. Roger Ebert says it "does for motorcycle racing what The Endless Summer did for surfing". Ebert praises the film's high level of artistry in accomplishing the impressive footage of motorcycle races (which he says are difficult to film), and he also credits the film for not bothering viewers with the technical details of how the filming was done.

Malcolm Smith at speed on a Husqvarna.
Photo Courtesy Malcolm Smith Motorsports

During the opening sequence, children are seen riding their bicycles on a dirt track, in imitation of motorcyclists. Thanks to this scene, On Any Sunday is thought to have popularized BMX biking across America; previously it had only been observed in Southern California.

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