Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Norton Dirt Track Limousine

I saw one of the Wood's Norton in Half Moon Bay last year and really wanted to make a post on this Gentleman. Ron Wood is the Man for Norton DirtTrack bikes for sure.

Along the way Wood and rider Rob Morrison won the West Coast Overall Championship, despite the fact that Morrison climbed aboard the Norton for the first time two months into the season. The bike is kept in absolutely meticulous condition, but its appearance, unlike many other tricked-out motorcycles, is not its message. If it were, Wood couldn't bear to let it on the racetrack. Beyond its cleanliness and its polish, the bike reflects much that Wood has learned in the past decade, and much that others have yet to learn.

Ron Wood owned his first motorcycle at 16, has done some desert riding and was attracted to AMA-style dirt track competition by going to Ascot and watching during the Tanner years. His involvement began with 250s and novice riders, and he has been actively participating for eight seasons.

Racing for Wood is a consuming hobby, and his bike mirrors his commitment, and expertise. Every surface, every cranny, every fitting and clamp, every rotating and reciprocating component, every fastener, cable and line, every spring, slide, bracket and adjuster has been individually massaged until it matches Wood's vision of adequacy. If racing is his hobby, then radiant machinery is his passion...

Take time to follow the full story here, its really impressive.
The Dirt Track Limousine

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