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Marty Smith the Stylish Rider

Marty Smith was the AMA’s first 125cc motocross champion. During the 1970s, Smith won three national titles – the 1974 and ’75 AMA 125cc and 1977 AMA 500cc motocross championships. He won a total of 18 career nationals and was one of the few to score wins in 125cc, 250cc and 500cc AMA Motocross Nationals as well as Trans AMA competition. In addition, Smith won the 125cc U.S. Grand Prix of Motocross in 1975 and 1976.
Picture courtesy of : The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

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Smith became known as one of the most stylish riders in motocross history. According to his mechanic Dave Arnold, there was never a bad photo of Smith. His riding style was textbook perfect. He won all his championships with Honda and the company featured him in its advertising, using his long hair and youthful good looks as a selling point. He was on dozens of magazine covers riding the legendary Honda Elsinore, donning the famous red, white and blue racing colors. Smith became the first teen idol in motocross and legions of young fans followed his every move.

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Born in San Diego on November 26, 1956, Marty started out riding with his dad, Al, a San Diego firefighter, on a little step-through Honda 50. Al and his friends used to go out to the desert to trail ride, and one day, they picked Marty up and put him on the pegs, gave a little shove and sent him on his way. Marty was so small then, there was no way he could reach the ground, so he rode on the pegs standing up the whole time. Marty believes that this early riding technique gave him the foundation for his smooth riding style.
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