Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the Buchanan Trans-AMA 1976

Two things saved the Buchanan Trans-AMA from being just another derary motocross on another dreary motocros track. First,the fine rain that came down all day,which always makes things a little more interesing ; and,second, a tricky little uphill/downhill section through a grove of trees that proved to be the equalizer for some of the best riders in the world.

Tony DiStefano holeshot the firt moto and wheelied away.. There was no catching him,especially after the only man who could,DeCoster,made a disastrous error halfway through the first lap. After a masterful execution of the uphill bermshot right leading into The Grove, DeCoster accelerated past Chuck Sun in sixth. At the hilltop left he ignored the gard bank shot berm and dove deep for the smooth inside, leaving another rider in his roost.

Wheelieing over the first hump of the dowhill, he cleared the tricky nose-dive jump with a deft flick of his RN Suzuki and guide dits front wheel into the rut marking the hotline through the hairpin right at the bottom. Calculating the medium gushy surface precisely, he gassed it smoothly over the little jump that had given so many riders trouble in practice, and was setting up his next victim with a sweep around the approaching left when, in DeCoster’s words : " There was a little tree growing along the outsde of the course and i saw that i was going to hit it. I thought i would ru nover it but it did not move. It was a little tree but i twas very strong "

It was a Bkack Maple , very strong indeed. Strong enough to grab the bike by the footpeg and stall the engine. DeCoster’s first quick restart attempt failed, an dit was many more kicks before he finally got it going and rejoined the race almost a full lap down on the leaders…

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