Friday, March 2, 2018


On Saturday night, January 23 at Anaheim Stadium, Jeremy McGrath, aged 21, started the 20-lap main event right behind teammate and reigning Camel Supercross Champion Jeff Stanton. Three laps in he went flying by the three-time champion, never to be touched. He had won his first premier class supercross in a waltz. “It was amazing to win the race, but it was also a really strange feeling because I had to pass one of my heroes, which was Jeff Stanton,” pointed out McGrath. “I knew from all the pre-season testing that I was riding well and I was as fast as those guys. There were no problems with any of that. Mentally, though, when you have to go pass one of your heroes, it was kind of a weird deal. I remember sitting behind him for a while and saying to myself, ‘Oh man, how do I handle this?’” furthered McGrath. ‘Well, shit, I guess somebody has to win and it might as well be me.’ I remember the pass being fairly easy and then I just pulled away. It was weird because it was one of those things that just felt so easy. It really wasn’t supposed to be that easy. You dream about that all your life and then you get out there and you think it’s going to be really difficult and it really wasn’t that difficult. When I pulled away so easily it kind of got the momentum going that I could do that every week.”

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